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Combining strength of our experience and expertise


JBP can contribute to promote growth in your business


...hands on experience in the field, building success.

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About Us

JBP COMPOSITES - Combining strength with years of experience...JBP Composites mission is simple and unambiguous ­ we aim at all times to deliver quality across the full range of services we offer, to all our clients, through combining the strength of our experience and expertise.

Our objective is to provide comprehensive business support services in all the areas we have outlined below. We invite you to take a closer look at the specific areas of expertise where JBP can contribute to promote growth in your business.

    Business management.
    Direct management at a senior level, and advice on management issues in a local and international context.

    Project coordination.
    Hands on management of projects, on a micro and macro level, internationally.

    Technical consulting.
    Detailed technical assessments and advice on materials, technology, budgeting and implementation of projects.

    Marketing & sales.
    Full support services for effective promotion and sales of products and services, in the international market place.